[413] Exceptionally, the Authority operates four special flights to carry Wuhan passengers home during the period from 24 to 27 January,[414] and a backward flight to evacuate Vietnamese citizens and diplomats. The significance of this was highlighted on 18 March by Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet. [88], Chinese Communist Party general secretary (Paramount leader), Xi Jinping said "people’s lives and health should be given top priority and the spread of the outbreak should be resolutely curbed. [57] On the same day, Thailand witnessed the first confirmed case of 2019-nCoV, the first outside China. [269] France confirmed a fifth case, the daughter of the patient in the fourth case. Our search did not reveal any reports of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan before 2020. Local media earlier reported that 450 military medical personnel have also landed in the city to offer support. It is now in effect in all 30 of the 31 provincial-level divisions in mainland China with cases reported, the exception being Tibet. [citation needed], British Airways and Lufthansa cancel all flights to and from mainland China. [252], The Brazilian Ministry of Health reports three suspected cases ongoing in three locations: Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR) and São Leopoldo (RS). As of 25 January, three of the six groups began their work in the virus-hit area. "[86] State Council premier Li Keqiang urged decisive and effective efforts to prevent and control the epidemic. They reported that the new viral outbreak was first detected in the city of Wuhan on 12 December 2019. [177], The first confirmed incidence of human-to-human transmission outside of China was documented by the WHO in Vietnam. This article documents the chronology and epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in January 2020, the virus which causes the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. [316], Representative from Chinese government and American government sign the phase one trade deal over bilateral trade conflict in Washington D.C.[317][318], China's National Health Commission announced confirmation that the coronavirus had begun to be transmitted between humans. "[456][457] The committee meeting is planned to start at 13:30 Geneva time. [122] Beijing reported an additional five laboratory-confirmed cases, while Guangdong reported an additional nine laboratory-confirmed cases. [391], As of 30 January, inter-provincial charter cars in mainland China and inter-provincial passenger routes to Hubei have all been suspended. [509] Later still, United Airlines halts all flights to China, excepting San Francisco to Hong Kong. España reportó 3.715 nuevas infecciones por coronavirus en el último día, dijo el miércoles el Ministerio de Salud, lo que marca el mayor aumento en los casos diarios desde el final del confinamiento del país a fines de junio. Drink plenty of fluids, get rest and sleep as much as possible. A further three sequences from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and one from Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan were posted to the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data (GISAID) portal. [16][17], On 19 January, the first confirmed cases were reported in China, outside Wuhan, one in the southern province of Guangdong and two in Beijing. [380], The Shanghai government has said companies in the city are not allowed to resume operations before 9 February. [63], On 14 January, The Wuhan Municipal Health Committee published a Q&A regarding the coronavirus, stating: "current investigation hasn't found clear evidence of human to human transmission, however, the possibility of human to human transmission cannot be ruled out". [291], The United States confirmed its sixth case, the spouse of another patient in Chicago. Africa: 47 627 deaths; the five countries reporting most deaths are South Africa (20 314), Egypt (6 465), Morocco (4 850), Tunisia (2 389) and Algeria (2 168). We only noted family clusters of pneumonia due to the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus in 2003, and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in 2012. Since 31 December 2019 and as of 17 November 2020, 55 154 651 cases of COVID-19 (in accordance with the applied case definitions and testing strategies in the affected countries) have been reported, including 1 328 537 deaths. They determined the genetic sequence of the novel β-genus coronaviruses (naming it '2019-nCoV') from specimens collected from patients in Wuhan, China, and three distinct strains were established. One can cause feline infectious peritonitis in cats and something called a pantropic canine coronavirus can infect cats and dogs, according to a. [455], The WHO announces that its director-general has decided to reconvene their international health regulations emergency committee on 30 January to reconsider declaring a global health emergency, technically a "public health emergency of international concern" (PHEIC). [327] The release of all seven major films for the Lunar New Year was practically cancelled. We advocate for effective and principled humanitarian action by all, for all. [citation needed], Singapore reported its first laboratory-confirmed case, a 66-year-old man from China. The move came after the closure of its railway stations at 00:00 on 27 January, and shutting down of its airport and inter-city bus services earlier. [407], Following Singapore's first confirmed case on 23 January, Singaporean airline Scoot cancelled flights to Wuhan between 23 and 26 January over the virus outbreak after a lockdown was imposed. [53][54], In China, more than 700 close contacts of the 41 confirmed cases, including more than 400 healthcare workers, had been monitored, with no new cases reported in China since 5 January. Hence, the cumulative figures and related outputs include cases and deaths from the previous 14 days with available data at the time of data collection. [106][citation needed][125][126][127][excessive citations] Hainan reported four laboratory-confirmed cases. [3][4][5][6], According to the Chinese state-sponsored Xinhua News, the Huanan Seafood Market was closed on 1 January 2020 for "remediation". El 11 de marzo de 2020, COVID-19 fue declarado una pandemia por el Director General de la OMS, y el 31 de julio se reafirmó la ESPII en la cuarta reunión del Comité de Emergencia en relación con COVID19, convocada por el Director General de la OMS en conjunto con el Reglamento Sanitario Internacional (RSI) (2005). The first human cases of COVID-19 were identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. El Ministerio de Economía de Brasil habló de reducir la cantidad a 200 reales (36 dólares) al mes, dijo Bolsonaro, pero el presidente dijo que cree que la cantidad es demasiado baja y sugirió que se alcance un acuerdo en algún punto intermedio. También se confirmaron 11.541 nuevos casos, por lo que sube el total a 513.718. Sometimes the viruses can lead to deadly diseases. [436], The USCDC expands travel advisory from Wuhan to the whole of Hubei Province. For example, in the case of the 8 persons being punished by Wuhan Police for publishing "7 SARS cases diagnosed in the Huanan Seafood Market", if we mechanically applying the law, since the new coronavirus infected pneumonia is not SARS, by saying SARS has emerged we can indeed determine that is fabrication of false information, and the information has caused chaos in the social order. [236][237][238][239][excessive citations], South Korean health officials met with Korean life science company representatives to speed the development of a test. [227][228] Ecuador reported a suspected case of coronavirus, a Chinese citizen who arrived from Hong Kong.,[229] but the first case would not be confirmed until 29 February. Colombia está entre los 10 países con más casos reportados de coronavirus en el mundo, según cifras de mediados de agosto. Germany confirmed 3 new cases, all of whom were coworkers of the first confirmed patient. What is COVID-19? "[82], US HHS Secretary Alex Azar spoke to Trump on the phone about the virus, while which Trump interjected to ask when flavoured vaping products would be back on the market. [319], Chinese premier Li Keqiang urged decisive and effective efforts to prevent and control the epidemic. "[9], WHO in its Newsroom: Emergencies preparedness, the response said "the causal agent has not yet been identified or confirmed" and has requested further information from the Chinese authorities to assess the risk. The reconvening is due "mainly on the evidence of increasing number of cases, human-to-human transmission outside of China, and the further development of transmission. [459] On the same day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs François-Philippe Champagne announced that an aircraft would be sent to repatriate Canadians from the areas affected by the novel coronavirus in China. [163] Anhui reported six additional laboratory-confirmed cases. Este es el número más alto de muertes en Suecia durante la primera mitad deel año desde 1869, cuando el país sufrió una hambruna y murieron 55.431 personas. The COVID-19 pandemic in Italy is part of the pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).The virus was first confirmed to have spread to Italy on 31 January 2020, when two Chinese tourists in Rome tested positive for the virus. [87] Officials declared that anyone who concealed new cases would "be nailed on the pillar of shame for eternity", the political body responsible for law and order said. [154] According to the Science magazine, the travel quarantine of Wuhan delayed the overall epidemic progression by only 3 to 5 days in Mainland China, but has a more marked effect at the international scale, where case importations were reduced by nearly 80% until mid February. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, and disinfect the objects and surfaces you touch. Learn more about ReliefWeb, leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since 1996. [451][452], Palau and Vanuatu temporarily suspended flights from mainland China, Macau, and Hong Kong until the end of February and restricted diplomatic work in those countries. [435], Tijuana, Mexico receives its final scheduled non-stop flight from mainland China before a previously scheduled suspension of service. "[21], The Wuhan Institute of Virology did not respond to an emailed request for comment on the infectious source. Open job opportunities in the humanitarian field. [399], Hong Kong began screening passengers arriving on trains stopped at Wuhan. [233] In Switzerland, two people were put under quarantine at the Triemli Hospital in Zurich; both had previously been to China. [302] South Korea confirmed five more cases, bringing the total to 11. [382], The mayor of Wuhan acknowledges criticism over his handling of the crisis, admitting that information was not released quickly enough. The lethality of the virus is unknown; however, the death toll has now climbed to above three per cent. [209], Wang Xianliang, a Hubei provincial government official, died of pneumonia caused by the virus. There are cases in which a woman infected with MERS had a stillbirth, a 2014, SARS-associated illnesses were linked to cases of spontaneous abortion, maternal death and critical maternal illness, a 2004, Pets can catch coronaviruses and the infections can become severe. [475][476], Russia announces restrictions on railway travel with China, such that only a direct train between Moscow and Beijing remains. [384], Wanda Group waives all rent and property fees for all merchants from 24 January to 25 February, amounting to an estimated fee reduction of ¥3–4 billion (US$432–577 million). [298] A fourth case of coronavirus in Canada has been confirmed in London, Ontario. [251] France confirmed its fourth case, an elderly Chinese tourist who is in critical condition. 29 Haziran 2020 COVID-19 Salgın Yönetimi ve Çalışma Rehberi 02 Temmuz 2020 Sağlık Kurumlarında Çalışma Rehberi ve Enfeksiyon Kontrol Önlemleri 04 Haziran 2020 Genel Bilgiler, Epidemiyoloji ve Tanı [citation needed], The city of Shantou declared a partial lockdown,[372] though this was quickly reversed. The new Huoshenshan Hospital opened on 3 February with a capacity of at least 1,000 beds. El gobierno de Argentina registró este jueves 8.225 nuevos casos de coronavirus. [314], Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, the facility that published the first genome sequence of the virus, was closed without reason. [366], Beijing announced it will halt all inter-provincial bus and train services starting 26 January. El Gobierno de Paraguay informó que este jueves evaluará si se aplicarán «medidas más estrictas de cuarentena durante los fines de semana en Asunción y Central», para prevenir más contagios de coronavirus, informó la estatal Agencia de Información Paraguaya. [180][369], Straco has shut Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Underwater World Xiamen and Lixing Cable Car temporarily to curb the virus spreading around. Deception, it warned, could "turn a controllable natural disaster into a man-made disaster". [513], Sequence of major events in a virus pandemic, Events, reactions, and measures in mainland China, Reactions and measures outside mainland China. [118], New cases: Macau and Hong Kong reported their first laboratory-confirmed cases,[120][121] with Hong Kong reporting its second on the evening of 22 January. OCHA coordinates the global emergency response to save lives and protect people in humanitarian crises. [423] The US government later clarified that it only had limited capacity for private citizen evacuations. The Panamanian health ministry also established an isolation ward for coronavirus patients. El explosivo aumento de los casos coronavirus en Colombia 3:26. This, and the time ECDC needs to process these data, may lead to discrepancies between the national numbers and the numbers published by ECDC. [426], Mongolia closed its border with China, shut down schools until 2 March, and called for all public gatherings to be cancelled. [51], First two patients in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China attend University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital. Haziran California informó el jueves 5.920 nuevos casos de coronavirus, lo que marca un quinto día consecutivo de infecciones confirmadas por debajo del promedio de 14 días en el estado, según datos del departamento de salud del estado. [395], Thailand began screening passengers arriving from Wuhan at four different airports. What are the symptoms? [283] The order takes effect from 30 January. Hospital-acquired C. auris infections in coronavirus disease patients may lead to adverse outcomes and additional strain on healthcare resources. These histograms are based on the available information at the time of publication, originating from several sources. That was followed by a Hubei-related suspension from 29 January. [241], China's Supreme People's Court through a message 《治理有关新型肺炎的谣言问题,这篇文章说清楚了!》in its official WeChat account vindicated Dr. Li Wenliang and the other 7 doctors and said they should not have been punished as what they said was not entirely false. All government employees may work from home until 9 February. [329], The seven provinces, two autonomous regions, and all four municipalities of Hubei,[330] Anhui,[331] Tianjin,[332] Beijing,[333] Shanghai,[334] Chongqing,[335] Sichuan,[336] Jiangxi,[337] Yunnan,[338] Shandong,[339] Fujian,[340] Guangxi,[341] and Hebei[342] declared a level 1 public health emergency, in chronological order. [256], Xiangyang became quarantined starting 00:00;[257] the entire Hubei province thus became quarantined save for Shennongjia Forestry District. Based on the patient’s travel history and symptoms, healthcare professionals suspected this new coronavirus. [17], After the first 41 laboratory-confirmed cases were identified on 2 January 2020,[11] Chinese officials announced no new cases for the next 16 days, then reported 17 additional laboratory-confirmed cases, three of which were in critical condition. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout contributed to this report. Latest humanitarian reports, maps and infographics and full document archive. [75][69], On 17 January, Thailand's second confirmed case was reported in a 74-year-old woman who arrived in Bangkok on a flight from Wuhan. In the letter, he was reprimanded for "making false comments by announcing the confirmation of 7 cases of SARS at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market" that had "severely disturbed the social order". «Todos los indicadores muestran que la caída fue repentina, brusca y fuerte, pero Brasil está regresando», dijo. Desde su primer caso, registrado el 6 de marzo de 2020, la velocidad de contagio se ha disparado, especialmente en los últimos dos meses, saltando de casi 40.000 casos en junio a los más de 500.000 casos a mediados de agosto. America: 23 697 559 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are United States (11 205 486), Brazil (5 876 464), Argentina (1 318 371), Colombia (1 205 217) and Mexico (1 009 396). All Rights Reserved. Eleven of the 44 were seriously ill, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission said, although there had been no reported deaths to date. 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Passengers and crew were screened by health officials upon arrival to the Tijuana International Airport. [13], The WHO waited for China to release information about the "mysterious new pneumonia virus". [242][243] The Court further stated that "based on the difference in cognitive level, different individuals may produce different degrees of false information about the same thing. [263] Shortly afterwards, an Emirates' news agency confirmed four people from a Chinese family to be infected. It’s—going to be just fine. The company's remaining 45 malls will operate shorter periods. [322], Wuhan suspended all public transportation from 10 a.m. onwards, including all bus, metro and ferry lines. Open training opportunities in the humanitarian field. They also include potential options for response. [155], Based on the considerations of the WHO Emergency Committee, the WHO declared the virus to not yet be an official Public Health Emergency of International Concern, but warned that was an emergency in China. [42] The first death from the virus occurred in a 61-year-old man who was a regular customer at the market. Using traditional scientific modelling techniques that predict the spread of viruses, Leung projected the true number of coronavirus infections was likely 10 time more than the official reported numbers. [61], WHO sent a tweet which said "preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in Wuhan, China". [253] Canada reports a new presumptive case in British Columbia, a man in his 40s who had recently travelled to Wuhan. However, the virus could only stay on surfaces for so long so this was useless. Taylor, Marisa. El número acumulado de casos de España, que incluye pruebas de anticuerpos en personas que ya se pueden haber recuperado del virus, aumentó en 6.671 a 370.867. [416][417], The Russian Far East had closed its border with China until 7 February, while Russian tour operators were inhibited starting 27 January. We should permit the law's to have certain degree of tolerance towards individuals. [315], Reporters from Hong Kong being taken to police station after trying to film situation within Wuhan hospital. En las siguientes semanas, el número de casos se redujo significativamente. Bienvenidos al minuto a minuto de las últimas noticias acerca de la pandemia por coronavirus en Estados Unidos y alrededor del mundo; este 18 de agosto. Haziran Africa: 1 986 273 cases; the five countries reporting most cases are South Africa (752 269), Morocco (296 189), Egypt (111 009), Ethiopia (103 056) and Tunisia (81 003). [261] Suspected cases have now been reported in all 31 mainland provincial divisions. [194], Following the confirmation of cases in Europe, the WHO released a statement noting that "the Time is now to 'act as one'" in fighting the virus. Leung predicted that at the peak of the pandemic, there could be up to 100,000 new infections per day. Dr. Redfield said in an interview that "There was so much we didn’t know about this virus,""We were rapidly understanding it was much more transmissible, that it had a great ability to go global. In pregnant women, the more severe versions of MERS and SARS coronaviruses can be serious. Ayer, California marcó su quinto mayor número de muertes reportadas en un solo día con 181. [199] Macau confirmed three additional cases, bringing its total to five. [284] On 5 January, the Singapore Ministry of Health released a press statement stating that the earlier suspected case was not linked to the pneumonia cluster in Wuhan and was also tested negative for the SARS and MERS-CoV. [499], The United States government declares a Public Health Emergency due to the coronavirus, and is closing its borders to all foreign nationals "who pose a threat of transmitting the virus from entering the country and would quarantine U.S. citizens returning from Hubei province in China, the epicenter of the outbreak, for up to 14 days," starting Sunday, 2 February at 5 pm. [452] The Federated States of Micronesia is considering the same measures. [170] Thailand confirmed its fifth case. Hasta la fecha, en el país se registran 4.305 decesos, 41.111 pacientes recuperados, 13.979 casos sospechosos y fueron descartados 105.253 casos. ReliefWeb Labs projects explore new and emerging opportunities to improve information delivery to humanitarians. [486][487], Two K-pop concerts in Singapore by Taeyeon and NCT Group respectively were postponed after the virus situation worsened. [233] Two Mongolian students returning from Taiwan to Chinggis Khaan International Airport have shown symptoms of high fever and rising temperature and were put into quarantine after landing in Mongolia. [106][112][113], New cases were also reported outside of mainland China. At a White House briefing in 20 March, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said officials had been alerted to the initial reports of the virus by discussions between CDC director Robert Redfield and Chinese CDC Director Dr. Gao on 3 Jan.. Mr. Azar also told his chief of staff to make sure that the National Security Council was aware that "this (the outbreak) is a very big deal"[15][16][17], The head of the University of Hong Kong's Centre for Infection, Ho Pak-Leung, warned that the city should implement the strictest possible monitoring system for a mystery new viral pneumonia that infected dozens of people on the mainland, as it was highly possible that the illness was spreading from human to human. La contribución de las escuelas a la difusión comunitaria ya ha sido una de las principales preocupaciones de los distritos que toman la decisión de abrir o cerrar, por lo que presionar a los maestros para que continúen trabajando después de una posible exposición podría resultar controvertido. The suspension is effective Thursday and slated to last until 29 February. The Associated Press. Candida auris accounted for two thirds of cases; case-fatality rate was high (60%). [93], The United States and South Korea each reported their first confirmed case of the coronavirus to the World Health Organization on 20 Jan.[94][95] US CDC developed its own testing kit after China shared the genetic sequence on 10 Jan and deployed it to detect the first coronavirus case.